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Steering Ridge Meadows towards a more

livable and sustainable community through

active transportation

Cycle Recycle

Rescued from the scrap yard and handed over to smiling kids and adults, we recycle and give away bikes at local events in our community.

HUB home 2022-03-03
HUB home 2022-03-03


We organize social rides to highlight local cycling routes and destinations and participate at local events like Earth Day, Car Free Day, Repair Cafés, and GETI Fest.

Cycling in Ridge Meadows

A macro look at cycling in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, including safer alternative routes, infrastructure issues and guides for newcomers.

Ask RMCyclist

We have collected a list of popular cycling related questions raised to us by the community. Check out our answers.

Cycling News

Latest from Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

Latest from Metro Vancouver & Elsewhere

Through The Lens

(Photo gallery)

Cycling In Motion

Cycling the Metro Vancouer Suburbs: Barriers and Opportunities

Accessible Cities: Seeing the city through a different lens With Guest Maya Levi

Vancouver’s Breathtaking Network of Safe, Protected Cycletracks