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  1. grandmacyclist
    February 8, 2012 @ 3:48 am

    As a Person who recently started cycling again after 20 years last May 2011' I have to say that the bikeways in Mr are far and few between and that drivers for the most part could care less about the signage or the bike lane lines. I have been yelled at, told to get off the road, had one man try to run me over because he wanted to park on the bike lane on 224th street and almost worse, drivers who want to turn when the walk signal is on and 3 times I have had younger male drivers drive at me threateningly. Now, I am a safe rider. I wear 12 lights including ones on my helmet and wear high visibility clothing and use a bell to warn pedestrians. I have had to buy an air horn to make people pay attention to me and not run me over. I find that the few bike paths in MR to be vastly inadequate and unsafe at best. When I go to Pitt Meadows I find that because there are more cycling signage and awareness, the drivers tend to be more respectful. Like Port Coquitlam, the trails and bike paths in Pitt Meadows are what we should be going for. I love to ride my bike from home in Albion to Coquitlam Centre, to Langley, etc. I am one of your 60% – a rider who wants to be safe. I am getting braver and better with each ride, but it sure would be nice if separate paths that are wide enough for bikes, pedestrians and buggies could be accommodated. Now, if you could do something about people and their dogs off leash on the dykes, that would be a plus.


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